General Information
Telephone Numbers  
Office:(516) 922-4171
Plant:(516) 922-4922
24 Hour Emergency Line
Fax:(516) 922-2877
Mailing Address   15 Bay Avenue
Oyster Bay, NY 11771

  • If you have a backup, call the sewer district first at (516) 922-4922 to alert us to potential sewer main problems
  • To prevent inadvertent flooding and other problems, keep the cap fastened on your basement cleanout trap
  • Use only licensed and bonded plumbers or contractors to work on home plumbing
  • Exercise caution when driving past sewer district work crews
  • Don't put anything into the sewer system that might obstruct pumps or pipelines
  • Don't put in any substances that may be hazardous, toxic or explosive
  • Don't put in chemicals, liquids or vapors with a temperature of greater than 150 degrees or less than 32 degrees
  • Don't redirect storm water, roof runoff and/or surface and groundwater into the sanitary sewers

Fee Schedule
Application for Sewer Connection - One Family Dwelling$500 per dwelling
Application for Sewer Connection - Multi-Family Dwelling $1,500 per multi-family dwelling
Application for Sewer Connection - Non Residential Use or UsesActual Cost - Escrow Account
Sewer Plug (building sewer termination)$500 per building sewer
Request for Variance$750
Dye Test$100 per test
Building Lateral Replacement$250
Building Lateral Repair$100
Application for grease trap installation$250 per trap
Application for dental amalgam separator installation$500 per separator
Annual fee for grease trap$0 (none)
Annual fee for dental amalgam separator$100


Rules &
Application for
General Permit
Grease Interceptor
Dental Amalgam
Separator Application

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