The ceaseless march of technology has so often been blamed for hurting the environment. The Oyster Bay Sewer District's recent upgrade of its treatment facility is a heartening example of cutting-edge technology that exists to help preserve the environment.
According to the District's officials, the project was decided on only after a thorough investigation was made into many alternatives, including the rehabilitation of existing systems.

"We felt that doing the job properly now would save money in the long term, as well as serve the best interest of the environment," said Commissioner Thomas D. Galasso. "Indeed," he added, "the upgrade reduces the amount of oxygen the effluent consumes from Oyster Bay harbor and reduces the amount of suspended solids in the effluent to well below government standards."

Here's a brief rundown on the specifics of the project:Commissioner Galasso added, "Historically, spending money on infrastructure projects has paid huge dividends in terms of the public welfare, quality-of-life and economic success. I believe the expenditure on the Oyster Bay Sewer District's plant upgrade will be no different. Time will prove that it was the right decision, at the right time, for the right price."

Oyster Bay Sewer District Report
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