A modern, high-tech sewage treatment system such as Oyster Bay's is the best and safest way to dispose of the solid wastes produced by society. It is, in fact, far superior to cesspools, a popular alternative to sewers on Long Island.

In addition to raising property values, sewers protect the environment much better than do cesspools, noted Tom Rossetti, the district's chief operator. "Cesspools, which are essentially big holes in the ground, may leach contaminants into the groundwater," he said. "They contain none of the safeguards of a sophisticated sewage treatment facility. They're an old-fashioned, outdated and potentially-dangerous way to deal with household solid wastes. They are adversely affected by soaps and grease, are costly to maintain and are subject to collapse and expensive to replace."

The Oyster Bay Sewer District handles waste by removing the solids and thoroughly cleansing the wastewater with advanced treatment techniques. The solids are subsequently hauled away and processed according to stringent government regulations, while the cleansed wastewater is discharged into Oyster Bay harbor.

The entire service costs a typical district homeowner only about $1.50 per day.

Oyster Bay Sewer District Report
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