Joining the ever-growing percentage of the population that utilizes the Internet, the Oyster Bay Sewer District has created a World Wide Web site to communicate electronically with the cyber-savvy-24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

"We are pleased to announce that we now have a presence on the Internet, from which we can dispense important information for residents served by the Oyster Bay Sewer District or any other interested individuals or organizations," said Thomas D. Galasso, Chairman of the Oyster Bay Sewer District Board of Commissioners.

"Anyone who wants to know something about the district can now access what they need, from anywhere in the world, when they need it, irregardless of normal business hours.

"Using the website can help avoid time-consuming trips to government offices. Instead, forms can be downloaded directly from the site," explained Commissioner Galasso.

An interactive flow schematic of the district's sewage treatment plant, rules and regulations governing sewage use, useful tips for safe operations and a location map are also posted and can be retrieved by Internet users.

The site includes full text of news stories published about the Oyster Bay Sewer District, profiles of the members of the board of commissioners and a history of the district. Key phone and fax numbers are also posted. More information will be added over time, in response to feedback from users, Commissioner Galasso concluded.

Created by LaMa Media Inc. of Oyster Bay, NY, the Oyster Bay Sewer District website will be launched on November 1. Set your browser to

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