The Oyster Bay Sewer District recently reviewed and updated its regulations regarding grease traps in an effort to meet current EPA guidelines and encourages its commercial customers to be aware of the rules, and follow them at all times.

Grease traps are required equipment for food establishments. Used to capture grease generated during cooking, washing, clean-up and food preparation, they are attached to the piping near sink drains, where grease is typically retained.

The traps, which cannot be effective if full, need to be checked on a regular basis and cleaned when necessary. The frequency will depend on volume and the type of food being prepared.

"It's important to keep grease out of the sewers because it builds up and causes blockage," explained Commissioner Thomas D. Galasso. "A grease trap is a simple but effective device. It doesn't take much effort to keep them clear," he explained. "Most of the restaurants in our service area have been very cooperative and we thank them for their concerned and caring attitudes."

He went on to explain that the Oyster Bay Sewer District conducts periodic spot checks and has the power to enforce fines against those not in compliance.

Oyster Bay Sewer District Report
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