When a community is being expanded or redeveloped, it is vital that the infrastructure be able to accommodate the new construction. There must be enough electricity, ample water for drinking and fire fighting and adequate roadways, to name a few. So, when Oyster Bay Sewer District officials learned of the Town of Oyster Bay's plan to revitalize the shoreline of Oyster Bay Harbor, they decided to evaluate the condition of the existing sanitary sewer lines in West End Avenue to determine if they could adequately serve the redevelopment.

The Roosevelt Memorial Beach and Park bathhouse is the only building in that area currently being serviced by the district and the existing 840 feet of line has required excessive maintenance. The evaluation found root intrusion, cracks and offset joints.

"To date, we have been able to keep up with the limited seasonal demand. But, engineering reports told us that the existing infrastructure would not hold up to increased traffic in the area," explained Oyster Bay Sewer District Commissioner Thomas D. Galasso. "Adding new buildings would accelerate the deterioration process that has already begun and could lead to frequent stoppage in flow. It was recommended that the manholes and sewer pipes be replaced."

Thanks to the efforts of New York State Senator Carl Marcellino, a $500,000 grant has been put into the 2001 state budget to pay for the project.

"This money is necessary for the success of our Western Waterfront Revitalization plan and will help in the protection of our marine life and the quality of the Long Island Sound," emphasized Senator Marcellino, who chairs the state's Environmental Conservation Committee. "Through the efforts of NY State and Oyster Bay Town, all of Long Island will benefit."

Once the grant is secured and the construction begins, the district anticipates the job will be completed within several months, with no interruption of service to the community.

"We are always grateful to Senator Marcellino for his help," stated Commissioner Galasso. "He has provided tremendous support to the Oyster Bay Sewer District and the people we serve."

Oyster Bay Sewer District Report
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