State of New York
In Recognition of
The Oyster Bay Sewer District
upon its
Seventy-fifth Anniversary Celebration

WHEREAS, Those organizations of high purpose and worthy accomplishment whose endeavors have faithfully served their communities and the people of the State of New York deserve to be publicly recognized; and

WHEREAS, The Oyster Bay Sewer District is being honored for its invaluable contributions to the people of Oyster Bay and this great Empire State; and

WHEREAS, The Oyster Bay Sewer District will celebrate its Seventy-fifth Anniversary on Friday, August 17, 2001 at the District Office located on Bay Avenue in Oyster Bay, New York; an Open House will be held including tours of the facility; and

WHEREAS, The Oyster Bay Sewer District was established on August 17, 1926 by action of the Oyster Bay Town Board; the area encompassed 975 acres and has grown to include over 20 miles of sewer lines today; and

WHEREAS, The current members of the 2001 Board of Commissioners of the Oyster Bay Sewer District, haven given generously of themselves, in keeping with the mission of the District are: Thomas D. Galasso, Chairman; James P. Murphy, Jr., Treasurer; and Joseph G. Pecora, P.E., Secretary; and

WHEREAS, The operation of a quality sewage collection and treatment system is often taken for granted; since the Oyster Bay Sewer District's initial construction, the system has undergone tremendous improvements to keep up with the most advanced technology possible in order to provide the community with superior service with little interruption; and

WHEREAS, Through its diligence and exemplary endeavors over the course of seventy-five years, the Oyster Bay Sewer District has truly become an indispensable asset to the Oyster Bay community; and

WHEREAS, The Oyster Bay Sewer District deserves a salute for its desire to enhance the public's health, safety and welfare and its sustained commitment to excellence; Now, Therefore, Be It

RESOLVED, That I, Carl L. Marcellino, Member of the New York State Senate, do hereby issue this Proclamation, in celebration of the Oyster Bay Sewer District's Seventy-fifth Anniversary on August 17, 2001.

Senator Carl L. Marcellino
New York State Senate, 5th SD